How are you evaluating the rentberry token in terms of its Fiat value? I see that you offer the ability to purchase rentberry tokens in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum but with the volatility of both depending on when you make your investment makes the value of a berry token from one individual to next can vastly different.

I believe I saw somewhere that you were roughly equating one Berry token to be the equal of $0.26 USD. That was in December now that comes out to roughly $0.45 usd a berry token. Once you’ve implemented the token system what are you going to be valuing the token at?

I also read that the token is primarily to be used within your system and any trading outside is not condoned though it may happen. I also read that you don’t want speculators buying tokens and dumping them after the Ico, and primaly you want them to be used on your platform. As an investor/ homeowner why would I want a berry token? Where is the gain to an investor.

The value of the token is determined due to various factors on the market. We are not going to predict the price, however, some expected fees in fiat vc BRRY coins are described in Whitepaper.

BERRY is a utility token. Token holder will not receive any profit sharing, dividends or equity in the company.
The purpose of the BERRY token is to make rental experience more efficient. The whole Rentberry platform will be tokenized. Tenants and landlords will be able to perform numerous transactions on the platform much faster, more secure and cheaper than before. For example, tenants will be able to pay for rental applications using BERRY tokens and landlords will be able to use BERRY tokens to promote their properties, etc. The payment in BERRY tokens will be much cheaper than the equivalent payment in fiat (for example, tenants can pay $9.99 for rental application in fiat or equivalent of $4.99 in BERRY tokens).
But the main purpose of BERRY token is helping tenants to save millions in rental deposits. Community members (can be anyone) can use tokens to back financially tenants and receive rewards in return (interest rate).


I hоpе thеrе will bе а prоgrеss bаr fоr аll thе tоkеns sоld оn thе ICо pаgе bеcаusе thаt will bе vеry infоrmаtivе tо аll stаkеhоldеrs.

Even though our ICO is going great ? raised soft cap in less than 48 hours during the time of skyrocketing BTC and ETH ? we will not disclose how much was raised till the end of the actual token sale.
The main reason behind is that we are looking for the quality buyers and not for people who are looking for hype or speculators taking advantage of the information. Our goal is to have the actual users buying tokens, who will use them on the platform and not someone who is looking to buy and “dump” them right after the ICO once the tokens would be listed by crypto-exchanges.



If that thingg takes off exchanges surely U guys can’t manage the price with the Berry reserve. Wouldn’t the trading of this token destroy its value in being used for its original purpose

Thanks for your interest. Please, be informed that the amount of tokens is limited. Also, we are expanding internationally soon. These are positive factors for the token. Moreover, the fact that this is the utility token, thus tenants and landlords will be able to perform numerous transactions on the platform, pay for the third party services, promote their listings etc.


◆競合はいるか?その違いは何か? 競合はない!

How are you guys different from your competitors? There are a lot of home rental projects coming up and I’d like to know what would make a customer choose you over the others.

We don’t have competitors in long-term rental space as most of the websites just include listings in the form of simple classified ads in print publications and provide limited information about a particular property for prospective tenants and essentially no support for actionable items, such as the application process, contract execution, rent collection, and maintenance requests. While Rentberry offers users a fully operational, web-based long-term rental platform.

似たような質問で、AirBNBとの違いは?とかもありましたが、不動産運営をブロックチェーンに活用した事例はまだなく、かつ世界展開を視野に活動しているのはわたしたちだけだ!というような力説がありますw ただしここでは赤字部分に特化していこうという意図が初めて見えているようにもみえます。


I wonder when partnerships with international companies will emerge from this project?

We are planning to offer API integration to local third-party service providers in 2019.



I can’t understand why Rentberry users should finance renters’ deposits? There’s no profit from it, but the money completely lose their liquidity for some time. All in all, it’s just a useless option for a platform.

You will be able to get the rewards for financing the deposits in BERRY tokens thus you’ll be able to have a profit out of holding BERRY tokens.





when do you plan been on exchange like bittrix ?


We are in the process of discussion with the top exchanges and planning to be represented when the ICO is over.



If I am from another country and want to rent apt in the USA, I won’t have any credit history to check. Will I be an unreliable tenant?

When the deposit is collected by crowdsourcing, it will be still “frozen”, but on landlord account?

If tenant and landlord have an argument, who will decide who is right?

Getting back to your questions, our scoring ecosystem based on blockchain technology will allow to create an individual score for each tenant. As the score will be based on data from many sources, the lack of US credit history would still allow you to rent an apartment without a problem.

After the deposit is collected, the Tenant transfers it to the Security Deposit Smart Contract. When the tenant moves out, if there has not been a damage claim by the landlord, the Security Deposit Smart Contract will transfer BERRY tokens that have been deposited back to the tenant and to each contributor deposit.

All the negotiated terms should be specified in the Rental Agreement which is e-signed by both parties via Rentberry website. This Agreement will have a legal value and can be used in case the landlord and the tenant have an argument.

1. Could you tell me the examples of the sources on which my score of reliability would be based?

2. I mean that there are situations where the rental agreement doesn’t help because both parties have a different view on the subject they are arguing about. For example, landlord thinks that sofa is damaged, tenants don’t agree with him. So, the third party is needed to decide who is right. It can’t be done automatically.

1. The individual score will be based on data from many sources, including information from applications, previous payment performance, history of evictions, bankruptcy records, data and scores from credit bureaus, past due accounts and others.

2. We understand your point. The legal relationship between landlord and tenant are regulated by the applicable law and an agreement e-signed by the parties, but not by the platform itself. In the example you provided, Rentberry won’t be able to decide whether that sofa is damaged or not. The dispute should be solved in a legal framework.




I’ve read that your security service will involved in each transaction. Can you elaborate on this question? What options will it perform when making transactions between the renter and the landlord?

Rentberry is already using the third-party solutions (like performing the screening for both tenants and landlords, ACH payment technology etc.) to guarantee the multilevel security for all the transactions.

Furthermore, it’s planned to use BERRY tokens to pay for all the services on the platform. All the transactions will be underpinned by blockchain technology for security and efficiency thus the risk of any fraudulent activity will be minimized.






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